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How to report a grace testimony through the intercession of Sister Benigna

Instructions to devotees:

1. Start with a detailed description on how you got to know the devotion to Sister Benigna

2. Write it legibly in your own handwriting. In case you are not able to do so, ask for someone else’s help.

3. As the process is designed to the beatification of Sister Benigna, the testimony should refer only to her, not mentioning the intercession of other saints (Saint Jude, Saint Expedite, Saint Lucia, etc).

4. The testimony reports will only be accepted as a document if written in handwriting. Therefore it shall not be typed.

5. Report it clearly and detailed. In case you are reporting a grace of a relative, friends or spouse, mention the complete name of the person honoured. Do not mention dreams or messages, only the grace reached through the intercession of Sister Benigna.

6. Do not use the term “chain”, otherwise “Novena” of Sister Benigna.

7. Present the testimony in a clean and intact sheet of paper. In case of numerous reports, write them separately, each one in a sheet of paper according to the rules presented in this leaflet.

8. Write your name completely and legibly, preceded by your signature, as well as you ID number, CPF, complete address and telephone number.

9. The testimony shall contain a medical report in case of physical healing.

10. Finish it with the signature of two testimonies, who shall write their complete and legible names, ID number, complete address and phone number, before writing.



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