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Prayers Taught

Sister Benigna Victima de Jesus

1st) Novena of Fire: pray 9 (nine) “Hail Holy Queens”, every hour, 9 (nine) hours in a row. Warning: the Novena of Fire should be done with no interruption, being that 9 (nine) Hail Holy Queens should be prayed in each hour.

2nd) Devotion: Novena of the 90 “Hail Holy Queen”

Revealed to Sister Benigna to a nun of the congregation

Two ways of doing the novena of the 90 Hail Holy Queens:

1st) Hail Holy Queen shall be prayed many times during the day, reaching 90 (ninety) Hail Holy Queen.

2nd) Hail Holy Queen should be prayed at once 90 (ninety) times, asking for Sister Benigna to plead to God and Our Lady to reach the desired grace.

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