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Prayer Group of Our Lady of Mystic Rose

After the death of Sister Benigna, besides the legal constitution of the Association of Friends of Sister Benigna, the prayer group called “Our Lady of Mystic Rose” was formed under the coordination of Maria do Carmo Mariano. Nevertheless, there was a purpose for such coordination, because the Divine Will allowed her live for many years with Sister Benigna, learning along with her life-giving teachings of faith.

After witnessing the virtuous life of Sister Benigna, Maria do Carmo became responsible for the coordination of all the serious and detailed work concerning data findings on her life. She collected reports and testimonies ensuring her virtues, trying to meet the Canonical demands to make the Beatification Process of Sister Benigna happen.

We also highlight that the prayer group Our Lady of Mystic Rose, has been keeping great work enhancing, since the very beginning, the values of Christian life. In its prayer meetings, the group acts in tandem with AMAIBEN. You are all invited to join this prayer group, today gathering people of all ages, from various places of Brazil and abroad.

All events and prayer agenda are available in the “site agenda” or “news”.

Prayer Group of Our Lady of Mystique Rose
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